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ARTRICULATED #1 Limited Edition Variant Cover

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ARTRICULATED #1 Variant cover available April 10th 2024 Order Yours Today

Join Darren as he embarks on a journey into the World of Graffiti. Upon coming back home to New York City Darren learns that
Graffiti in the big city Isn’t “just”writing on walls but an entire Subculture packed with unknown elements that the average mind
Could never comprehend nor research on the internet .

With years of development, and real life experiences romanticized and incorporated into the story this is set to be D.B. SUPR’S
“Magnum Opus” so don’t miss out on this awesome adventure featuring one of the most inspirational elements of Hip-Hop

Parental advisory explicit language

Variant cover Art by D.B. Supr and Christian "Meesimo Meesey